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 Moyle Plumbing & Gas fitting have been providing hot water to Brisbane South side including Beenleigh, Logan & North Gold Coast for over 22 years.

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Your comfort is our priority. We will attend to all hot water system repairs or replacement quickly and efficiently. You can be assured of quality, priority customer attention with unbeatable customer service, ensuring you will be given the best and honest option and price. All hot water systems are installed to the current plumbing regulation 

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Tempering Valves

Is your hot water system too hot or too cold?

If a hot water system is not set to the correct temperature it can result in scalding. There are hundreds of cases each year of scalding caused by hot water, especially to the very young and old.

It is essential & mandatory to have a tempering valve installed on every Australian hot water system.

Tempering valves must be installed so that your hot water complies with the Australian Standards (AS 3500). This legislation requires hot water to be set at a temperature to minimise the risk of scalding. In Queensland you must install a tempering valve when replacing your old hot water system or renovating.

How Does a Tempering Valve Work?

The tempering devise is installed so it blends cold water with the hot water so the delivery to the hot water tap is the right temperature to prevent scalding. This temperature may vary depending on a domestic or commercial application.

Contact Moyle Plumbing & Gasfitting for more professional advice on tempering valves for your home, office or child care centre.

Hot Water
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Below is a short demonstration on how to shut off the water to isolate your hot water system in the case of an emergency.

How to shut down a Gas hot water system

How to shut off your electric hot water system

Moyle Plumbing & Gasfitting install all brands of electric & gas hot water systems.

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