Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the 10 most frequently asked maintenance plumbing questions:

Q    When can the plumber attend?
A    Jobs are prioritized. If your job is an emergency, we will endeavor to have a plumber to you on 
      the same day. If it is an emergency then we will give you a day and time that suits.

   How much is your call out fee?
A    Moyle Plumbing & Gasfitting does not have a call out fee. We work on set prices for most 
      maintenance work.

Q    Do you give free quotes?
A    Yes.  Call us - We are often able to give you a price over the phone using a set list of prices for 
      most maintenance jobs.
    If your job is not listed as standard, then our plumber will attend to provide a free quote.

      Note: An inspection or professional advise is not considered a free quote. 
      Example of an inspection is - Roof leak. The plumber is required to get up onto your roof, 
      inspect and report. The quote is free,  but the inspection is not.

Q    Do you fix roof leaks?
A    Yes. We are able to repair tin or colour bond roofs however a roof inspection is first required.

Q    Do you find water leaks?
A    Yes. We have many years of experience combined with the specialized equipment required to 
      locate water leaks. 
      If your water leak is concealed and not able to be seen with the naked eye then the electronic
      leak location equipment will be required.

Q    Can I replace my old electric hot water system with a new electric one?
A    Yes!
      Homeowners are now able to choose a hot water system that best suits their circumstances, 
      including an electric system. This law was updated February 2013.

Q    Do you install solar hot water?
A    Yes. We are licensed to install solar hot water, heat pumps, natural gas, LPG gas and Electric 
      hot water systems. Please call us for a quote.

Q    Why do I need a tempering valve on my hot water system?
A    Australian Standard for hot water systems, AS/NZS 3500.4
      From December 2010 all licensed plumbers must install a tempering devise when replacing 
      an existing hot water system to prevent scalding. Prior to this date, plumbers were instructed 
      to install tempering devises on all new complexes, alterations and additions to reduce the risk 
      of scalding.
      More information is available. Please contact us.

Q    What is the cheapest hot water system to run?
A    This will depend on what type of hot water system you currently have. What area you live in, 
      and what kind of house you have. It may also depend on the direction & pitch of your roof and 
      what electrical tariff you have.
      Please call us for more information.

Q    Can I have gas cooking in my house?
A    Yes.  We are able to install a new gas line and connect it to gas cooking appliance. 
      If you do not have a natural gas line in your street, then we can install LPG or propane 
      gas bottles.
      If you already have gas hot water, then we will be able to connect into your existing gas 
      line to run a new appliance such as a gas cook top or oven. We will need to inspect the size 
      of your existing as line.

      Working with gas requires a special license as there are strict safety laws that need to be 
      adhered to. 
      All gas connections require a test, certification, safety certificate and plaque issued. 

Cheryl Moyle