Blocked Drains

Are your drains blocked?

Over the past 25 years Moyle Plumbing has been unblocking drains in Logan City, Beenleigh & Northern Gold Coast, and have become specialists in clearing blocked drains. As emergency plumbers, Moyle Plumbing is called out daily to unblock toilets, bathrooms and sometimes the entire house drainage for the same day service.

There are 3 reasons that a drain blocks:

  • Mislaid

  • Misuse

  • Damaged

When drains are laid, they must have the correct fall from the start to finish. If the drain is laid flat or has back fall, then the drain contents will not run downhill, which will cause a blockage. If the drain develops a sag, this may be due to the original installation. If a drain is miss used, it will also block.

Blocked Toilet?

Sanitary items along with sanitary wipes including baby wipes should not be flushed. Even if the package says it can. Be mindful that most toilets are now water efficient, using only 3 to 6 litres of water to flush the contents.

Toilet deodorising or sanitising items, in particular the ones that hang on a plastic tube off the side of the toilet like a ‘blue loo’. If these fall into the water & are flushed, they get caught in the outlet pipe & can be very difficult to remove.  

It is most likely that the toilet pan will have to be lifted to find & remove the offending object.

Blocked Shower or Vanity drain?

Shower and vanity drains are another problem that Moyle Plumbing often attend to. These drains can also get a terrible smell. Moyle Plumbing recommends that the shower grate and floor waste always be kept in place. We often find lots of surprising items down these drains, like cotton buds, underpants, toothbrushes, combs, toys and the list goes on.

Retrieving these items down a deep narrow drain can be difficult without the correct tools.

These bathroom drains can also become slow to drain, due to a build-up of hair, soap, dirt & scum which becomes a black, grey greasy, smelly mass build up. To prevent this we recommend that any hair caught on the grate be put into a bin & not pushed through into the drain.

Blocked Kitchen Sink?

Kitchen sinks are commonly blocked. They may be slow to drain, or have a smell. A lot of different foods are washed down the kitchen sink, along with cleaning products and oils. Your drainage may be struggling to keep up with all the work or it may be partially or totally blocked.

Kitchen sinks need careful attention, we recommend you give Moyle Plumbing a call, where we can use the correct equipment to unblock this sink causing very little if any mess. Never poor grease or oil down the kitchen sink and wipe your greasy plate clean with a paper towel first. Grease will consolidate in your drain, even if your rinse in boiling water.

Are tree roots blocking your drains? Blocked drains caused by tree roots.  

We have even seen drains with tree roots growing inside, even when the yard has no trees. All trees have different kinds of roots. Some roots are fine like a fern, while others are large, quick growing & aggressive. All of these roots will cause a drain to block.

If your drainage has been compromised by tree roots then it is most likely that the drain must be repaired.  Tree roots can be cleared using one of Moyle Plumbing many drain cleaning machines, such as the electric eel, high pressure jetter, plunger or snake. But roots grow back, clearing them from the inside is a bit like having a hair cut, they grow back.

Even if you remove or kill the offending plant or tree, the roots often continue to survive and grow inside the pipe.

If your sewage drainage is effected then sewage & paper gets catch on the broken pipe and eventually builds up causing the toilet and house plumbing to block. Excavation and repairs are immanent for most broken sewer or storm water drains.

Moyle Plumbing can unblock all of these types of blocked drains.

Are you planning a new garden?

It is important that if you are planning a new garden that you be mindful of where your underground drainage is. There are some species of plants that should not be planted close to the home as they can cause a considerable amount of damage to the sewer pipes, house foundations, pathways, driveways and walls.

Some trees that should never be planted in a residential house block are rubber trees and fig trees as they have a very aggressive large root system that needs to be given a lot of space to grow.

If you have a blocked drain give Moyle Plumbing a call for advise on the best action to take to clear and prevent the drain blocking again.

Blocked Storm Water or Down pipes?

Blocked storm water drains are common. Not only does storm water drainage take water away from your downpipes and roof, but it can collect water from low spots in the ground such as storm water pits.

Dirt, rubble, leaf matter, and toads build up over a period of time and may need to be flushed through to clear.

It is common for storm water lines to be laid close to the surface where they get crushed if run over by a vehicle. If your storm water drains are compromised, broken or crushed, tree roots will find the break & cause the drains these block.

If your storm water drain become blocked, water can back up onto your roof, into your ceiling and back through to the inside of your house causing an incredible amount of damage.

Moyle Plumbing have a high pressure jetter drain cleaning machine,  that is very successful in unblocking storm water drains. 

Do you have a new home that has a blocked toilet?

In 2018, Moyle Plumbing began seeing new homes with blocked toilets especially though the suburbs of Logan City & Northern Gold Coast.

If you have a new home & the toilet is blocking, it may be due to the original installation. If this is you, we have made a quick video to show you why your new toilet is blocking.

Cheryl Moyle