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Moyle’s Plumbing & Gasfitting is your friendly, affordable local plumber, with 22 years of expertise fixing blocked drains and plumbing infrastructure servicing the greater Logan City area.

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Moyle Plumbing has all the equipment required to clear your blocked drain. From a plunger, snake, electric eel, high pressure letter & CCTV camera, there is not a drain that we cannot unblock or repair. Blocked drains can be anything from hair & soap build up to major tree root intrusion, obstruction, break or miss aligned drain. Using Moyle Plumbing experience & their drain camera equipment (CCTV), we are able to investigate and pinpoint the exact cause of the problem in your drains, allowing you to view the damage to the pipes or tree root damage which will saves time and money.


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Block drains are our specialty.

Moyle Plumbing & Gasfitting use high pressure jet rod drain cleaning equipment. It sends jets of water at 5000 PSI through the pipes, flushing debris, soil, sludge and cutting through tree root blockages.

From blocked storm water drains to major sewer problems, Moyle Plumbing has the correct equipment to get the job done to save you time and money.